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Triple Helix
I am an Intuitive healer and have also trained in Quantum Touch Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing and various Shamanic healing methods. In 2009 I developed Triple Helix as this is how my healing work had naturally evolved at that time.

Triple Helix is a fusion of several vibrational energy methods, ancient healing practices and quantum physics. Triple Helix can be used to alleviate symptoms on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you are willing to delve deeper, the root cause of the ‘problem’ can be explored and cleared enabling the symptoms to be totally healed.

My healing work is very much based on what you need in a particular session and therefore each session varies according to what is needed on the day. How ‘what is needed’ is determined comes both from my intuition and guidance but also what you feel or know that you need from the session.

In some cases it will be that you just need to relax and receive and in others the session will be interactive. I work on the basis that the session will be empowering for you and not that I am merely doing something ‘for’ you (unless that is what you need). I am working ‘with’ you and the innate wisdom of your body and soul.

Physical Symptoms -Some physical symptoms that we feel in our bodies are purely of a physical nature but often they have a deeper root cause which needs to be recognised and cleared on another level. The body speaks through symptoms and pain to tell us when something within us or in our lives is out of balance. If we listen we can bring ourselves back into balance and harmony. Triple Helix can help you to tune into what your body is telling you and heal the problem that is behind the pain.

Emotional and Mental Issues -Sometimes you may already know that you are feeling out of balance and this may be displayed in your emotional or mental wellbeing. Triple Helix can help to restore emotional and mental equilibrium. I have experience of working with people diagnosed with chronic depression and suicidal tendencies who have experienced a turn around in their mental wellbeing within just one session.

Chakra/ Energy Field Clearing -Triple Helix can also be used for clearing the chakra system within your energy field, sometimes the energetic blockages are of a deep and historic nature often relating to traumas that have been recorded in the energy field. We can also accumulate energies through our interaction with the people and world around us which if not cleared can cause a depletion in our energetic vibrancy and also our outlook on life. Imagine your energy field coated in the energetic dust of the everyday world and the people around you, blurring your vision and creating a feeling of heaviness or sluggishness within your energetic system. Triple Helix can clear your energy system and restore your vibrancy.

Skeletal Realignment -Triple Helix can also help your body to realign physically if you have any misalignments within your skeletal system such as kyphosis, scoliosis or lower back and hip problems. Working with your body’s natural intelligence the skeletal structure will glide into a new alignment without any manipulation or bone crunching, only a light touch or hands ‘off’ healing techniques are used.

Stroke – Triple Helix can help to alleviate the symptoms of stroke and restore functionality.

Triple Helix sessions cost £40 – £60 and include consultation, treatment and after session support.

Sessions are available in person or distantly by appointment.