Shamanic Healing Sessions

Come in a variety of forms including hands on or hands off healing and/or shamanic journeying.

Often I like to work ‘organically’ and work with intuition and guidance during the session on what is required. Some sessions will be interactive with you.

There are also more specific sessions where we work with your particular focus, requirements and/or symptoms.

Sessions may also incorporate:

Trauma Release – release the imprint of trauma from your energy field and physical body using techniques as revealed in the session or using the Trauma Healing practice taught in the lineage of Chief Dancing Thunder

Extraction – removing of energies within your physical body and energy field these may be energies that do not belong to you, no longer serve you or relate to dis-ease.

Astral Surgery – a Mexican method of healing illness and dis-ease

Clearing Ancestral Energetic Imprints – using a Mexican method of healing

1 to 1 Shamanic sessions are usually around 1.5 –  2 hours in length and cost £60 -£80.

See below for details of Soul and Power Loss Retrieval Sessions and other more indepth sessions including other methods of Ancestral Healing

Soul Remembrance/Life Purpose

A shamanic journeying session to discover the truth and essence of who you are, before people told you who they think you are. It can also guide you to understanding your Life Purpose.

Garden of Soul

The Garden of Soul process requires a six session commitment during which you will learn how to undertake shamanic journey, find your animal totem/power animal for this work, access your Garden of Soul and undertake any work that is required to restore and tend to your inner soul garden. This is a powerful personal healing journey which, from both personal experience and witnessing the journeys of others, I can say is a particularly transformative process.

The sessions are generally undertaken weekly or fortnightly to keep a flow of continuity but the time frame may be adapted if needed.

Each session includes consultation and review. I provide support within and beyond each session as well as the assigning of the journey work to be undertaken in each session and any work/tasks you need to do between sessions.

Each session costs £60 on a session by session basis but if you book and pay for all 6 sessions together the discounted cost £300 instead of £360.

Due to the depth of this work I prefer to work in personal rather than distantly. However, this service is available distantly if you have prior experience in shamanic journeying.

Garden of Soul Group Courses – The Garden of Soul sessions are available on a small group basis as evenings on a weekly basis over 6 weeks or fortnightly over 12 weeks or as 4 day long sessions ( weekly or fortnightly over 4 – 8 weeks)

Soul/Power Retrieval

Our experiences in life and the relationships that we enter into with others throughout our lives can sometimes cause us to experience soul or power loss.

Soul Loss Retrieval – Soul Loss can happen if we experience a traumatic event which causes part of us to ‘shut off’, when this happens we lose touch with part of ourselves or soul essence. You may have witnessed this in yourself or others when following an experience you or the other person were ‘not the same’ as they were before the event happened.

When traumatic events happen pieces of our selves leave. This is survival as often the events are so traumatic that the only way to survive an event is for a soul part or number of soul parts to leave.

When a piece of us has left we feel it and yearn for this piece of us. We seek it externally and often attempt to ful-“fill” this aching vacancy from where our soul part used to be by looking outside of us. This can cause even more soul loss as this type of searching outside of ourselves for what we have lost along the way is often a path laid in emptiness, drama, self abuse, self neglect, external abuse and illusion.

A Soul Retrieval is a session/ceremony where the shamanic practitioner journeys into non ordinary reality and recover the missing soul parts that are ready to return.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

· Unhealthy ancestral patterns such as abuse, rape, suicidal thoughts, mental illness
· A traumatic event such as an accident, death of a loved one and/or betrayal by someone who we trusted
· The sense that we are missing something or that we are not here for a reason

· Feelings of disconnection
· Addiction
· Suicidal thoughts and/or actions
· The loss of the desire to be in the world
· A feeling of being dead
· Emotional pain that will not dissipate
· Disconnection form our truest life path
· Disconnection from our ability to feel and/our express our emotions
· Feelings of Anxiety or Apathy
· Panic attacks
· Feelings of unsafety
· Being afraid to socialize and/or go out into the world
· Blocks in creativity
· A feeling that we are not living the life we are intended to live
· Frustration with life and its circumstances
· An inability or difficulty in celebrating life

Power Loss Retrieval –  Power Loss occurs when we ‘give’ our power away to others within our relationships. This can happen consciously and unconsciously. If someone ‘takes’ your power this can only be done with consent from you which you may have given unconsciously. You may also have ‘taken’ or been ‘given’ power by someone else.

Occasionally, we give pieces of ourselves away as many of us are taught that we need to do this in order to be loved or worthy. Sometimes we find ourselves involved in relationship and our partner likes what they see so much in us that they keep a piece of us for themselves. Of course they cannot use our soul/personal power nor can we use theirs.

Either way holding onto the power or essence of another is detrimental to both parties. It is this type of encounter which can also be seen as creating cords or attachments to each other.

Using Power Retrieval the power or essence can be restored to the rightful owner thus freeing both parties, this can be done by one party and does not need to physically involve both parties.

This method of clearing and restoration works whether the other people are alive or have passed over.

Symptoms of Power Loss

· A feeling of being powerless over moving on from a relationship or event


.An inability to get over a relationship or put an event behind us

.Uncontrollable anger                              .

The only way to true feelings of wholeness and completion within ourselves is to locate and reintegrate these lost parts of ourselves and welcome them home.

Soul Loss and Power Loss Sessions are available on a 1-1 basis

Also available – Shamanic Healing 2 day course – Power Loss and Power Retrieval,

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Teaches you what shamanic journeying is and how to do it yourself. Discover the realms of non-ordinary reality, find your power animal and human spirit guides. Guided journeying sessions are also available. The shamanic journey is a process that allows knowing to come into being.

This can be offered one to one or as a group – half day, full day or 2 day courses available

Ancestral Lineage Healing 

Explore the four lines of your blood ancestors 
Clear patterns such as alcoholism and abuses of power or freeing your lineage from the history of sexual and other abuses
Release the burden of unexpressed grief, the loss of children, loved ones or unrequited love or the trauma of displacement
Whilst the story cannot be changed, we can free our ancestors from their unresolved relationship with it. This in turn changes the past and the way that we carry the imprint in our body, subconscious and energy field.
We can change the way that our ancestor’s patterns influence us, affecting our view of reality, unconsciously hijacking our lives, and affecting our emotional, mental and physical bodies.
Patterns play out in our lives that we may not be aware of, or we are aware of the pattern but do not know where it comes from. Often these patterns come from our ancestors. Our ancestors include our parents and everyone who came before them.
Sometimes these patterns are imprinted in utero while we are in our Mother’s womb, or in our Grandmother’s womb when we were an egg in the foetus that is your Mother. It is common for people to share patterns , stories and behaviours of their Grandmothers (regardless of our gender).
You will discover what needs healing within your lineage
You will explore and discover what patterns are playing out in your life connected to your ancestry.
You will explore your family lineage to discover the traits of each line
You will find the gifts of your lineage for you to recognise and reclaim
You will carry out an ancestral healing ritual
We shall be using Shamanic Journeying and Saphire Imagery to enter into the family dream field as well other practices if appropriate
This is an experiential day for personal and ancestral healing. It is not a workshop or teaching event.
Ancestral lineage healing is possible even if you know nothing about your family and/or if you have been adopted.
This is the part of the great work of our time here on Earth, a gift to ourselves and our descendants, a service to our ancestors and a shift in collective consciousness.

Available as 1:1 sessions or in a group – Half – Full Day – Investment £100/120 1:1 or £80pp in a group

Ancestral Guides and Gifts – a one day shamanic exploration of your ancestry, meeting ancestral teachers, discovering ancestral gifts and performing rituals

Available as 1:1 sessions or in a group – Half – Full Day – Investment £100/120 1:1 or £80pp in a group

Weaving Ancestral Threads

This is a shorter version/portion of the Ancestral Lineage Healing and can be experienced in a standalone session

In our modern Western world many if us have lost the connection to our ancestors. In the indigenous world the ancestors are honoured and revered and their teachings are used to the benefit of the community. The disconnection we experience can result in lost sense of identity, frustration and can lead to illness or dis-ease. It is our responsibility, in a time of greater human consciousness, to heal our ancestral lines for the benefit of the 7 generations behind and 7 generations forward.

This session will help you to connect with your most immediate ancestors and to bring balance and healing to your family lines. We will seek information through your grandparents. We will weave your family lines into balance, creating a spun cord with intention and prayer. This action can bring about healing where one family line has dominated over the others, or where one has been unrecognised for its part in our personal make up.
Do not be concerned if you have lost touch with your family lines. This does not prevent you from doing this work. The information that you need will come from Spirit.

NB– Shamanic Journeying experience is preferable prior to taking part in this session in order for you to gain the maximum benefit however an introduction to journeying can be given on the day

Weaving Ancestral Threads can be experienced – 1:1 £60 or in a group £40

Other Shamanic Workshops

Personal Medicine Shield (1 Day)

Death & Dying (1 Day)

Please note that the cost of these services reflect the value of both my expertise and the benefit that you will receive from the sessions.

I would like my services to be available to all and therefore if the cost is prohibitive for you please contact me to discuss potential flexible payment options.

Some sessions are available in person only, others can be done distantly so please enquire to find out what is possible.