Self Empowerment

Coming Back to Who You Are

True self empowerment is when we live life from a place of authenticity,  life flows and we are in alignment with the universe. When we do not live life from the place of our authentic selves, we meet with resistance. Life can feel challenging, like we are trying to walk against the river.

There are several factors that keep us from that place of authenticity. Some we may be aware of and others that we are unconscious of. We need to bring into our awareness the things that we are unconscious of so we can deal with them. Otherwise they are playing out and potentially creating havoc in our lives.

In order to live authentically we need to address the following factors:

Ancestral and Generational Healing -We inherit energy patterns from our grandparents

Conditioning – behaviour patterns, coping strategies, defence mechanisms, parental imprinting

Healing Traumas – on all levels including soul loss and soul retrieval

Belief Systems – mental conditioning from within ourselves and from other people

Stories – holding onto and identifying with stories of your life based on past experiences

Power loss – giving away your power to others. Accepting others authority above your own.

Misalignment with who you are – not living in accordance with your Human Design

Coming Back to Who You Are – Provides sessions and tools for you:

To reclaim your life.

To clear that which is keeping you from your authenticity.

To help you live according to the truth of who you are.

To Trust yourself

When you are being your true self, you are not struggling to be someone that you are not. We experience suffering when we are out of alignment with the truth of who we are. We are not designed to suffer. Life is not meant to be hard.

Conditioning is anything that knocks us out of alignment with our authentic self. We tend to shape ourselves according to what other people tell us we are, or who they want us to be. We are conditioned from birth to give our power and authority away first to our parents then our teachers, peers, friends and partners. We can also get shaped by societal norms.

You need to know who you are so you can decondition the stories, beliefs and patterns that are not part of who you are.

To live correctly/authentically is to appreciate your own magic.

When you are your own authority then you are standing in your own power and self love. (no longer rooted in your dependencies, inferiorities or inadequacies).

We are here to enjoy life and to play a unique role in humanity.

Coming Back to Who You Are – Sessions:

Knowing the Truth of Who You Are

Human Design – I recommend this as a starting point to knowing the truth of who you are and how to live in accordance with your Design. Human Design Charts are free – I just need your date, time and place of birth (if you do not know the time there are ways to work around or ascertain this)

I would recommend incorporating Human design as part of your first session either as a specific reading, or in combination with other sessions as listed.

Soul Remembrance Journey – A shamanic journey to discover the truth of who you are, before people told you who they think you are

Garden of Soul – A series of at least 6 shamanic journeying sessions where you learn how to journey, access your Soul garden and effect appropriate healing and changes

Healing of Traumas – Healing Sessions to release the imprint of trauma from your energy field and physical body.

Shamanic journeying sessions – to restore/reclaim soul parts/essences that may have shut down, got lost, become disassociated or need nurturing.

Ancestral and Generational Healing – may include: Shamanic journey sessions ( with related healing practices) Clearing energetic imprints using a Mexican method of healing – Shamanic and Energy Healing sessions – Saphire Imagery

Deconditioning – Spiritual mentoring sessions specific to your personal issues and conditioning (including beliefs and stories) with practices and exercises for you to incorporate/experiment with.

Munay Ki Mentoring – Receiving the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki and being supported on your personal journey of healing and life transformation.  The Rite of the Womb is also available as part of the healing of traumas and ancestral healing where appropriate.

Most sessions can be done either in person or distantly (some are specifically to be done in person)

Each service/session has a different pricing structure.

It is your choice on time frame and which sessions feel appropriate to you.

It is your personal journey to Come Back to Who You Are.