Human Design

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Human Design enables you to understand the uniqueness of who you are and the uniqueness of those around you. We are all designed differently, different traits, different ways of doing things, saying things, seeing things and different ways of learning.

When you understand the differences and the uniqueness then you can move easily through life in the divine flow of what is right for you. It also enables you to understand and accept others for who they are.

In accordance with our strategy life flows with us, not against us and thefeore becomes easy and enjoyable

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of Astrology, the Chakra System, the I’Ching and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. This combination ancient systems of knowledge are brought together with quantum physics and genetics to create a Human Design chart within which is revealed your true energetic blueprint and nature as a human being.

Human Design is a gift to humanity. It enables us to know our true/authentic selves, to understand where and how we may have been subject to conditioning (through which the not self or non authentic self is expressed) as a result of our life experiences and the people in our lives. With awareness of our true potential we can decondition ourselves, enabling to shine our true light and bring forth our true purpose in life.

Human Design is a practical tool which enables you to truly know yourself, your children and other people in your life enabling you to live a life of awareness, understanding and compassion for yourself and others around you.

Human Design is a personal experience and a personal experiment, it is  personal process of self discovery

Human Design is a personality assessment tool, how you use energy and what gives you life purpose. It enables you to understand your strengths and wisdom.

Human Design is the blueprint of how you process and transmit energy

Human Design helps you understand your behavioural patterns and habits which are usually rooted in your open centres

Human Design an accurate and reliable decision making tool. We are conditioned to use our heads to make decisions which is incorrect. Decisions should be made according to the authentic self

If you do not live according to type and strategy then you will encounter the Not Self, struggle and resistance.

When you live your strategy you align with what is correct for you and life gets easier. Living your strategy allows you to live authentically.

Human Design can be used to:
Reconnect you to your inner authority

Reveal your True potential and personal power

Discover your right approach for living authentically

Improve parenting and gift your children with knowledge of their true identity

Enhance relationships and bring resolution to relationship/family misunderstandings

Your Human Design is a map of your energy and how you interact with the world.


To request your free Human Design chart please contact me by email:

Human Design and Mentoring

I use Human design as part of my mentoring sessions to ensure that any advice I am giving you is accurate to who you are. Some aspects of your chart may therefore be shared with you as part of a mentoring session where relevant.

Human Design Chart Readings.

Readings are the best way to give you an in-depth explanation of your chart

Inner Authority Reading – A Way of Life

In this reading you will learn about your Type, your Strategy, your Inner Authority and Profile enabling you to make decisions with greater clarity, enter into agreements in the way that is right for you and to generally live life with greater fluidity and ease. By simply following your Strategy you can reduce and eliminate difficulties and resistance with the awareness that this reading will give you.

Inner Authority Reading – £66 includes digital recording of the reading

Personalised Inner Authority Report – £33 (£22 if purchased with the Inner Authority Reading)

Combined Inner Authority Reading and Report £88

Energy Reading – To Be or Not to Be (Authentic)

In this reading you will learn about your Centres which will give you an understanding of how you operate and deeper clarity about how you have been conditioned to feel and be in the world. We will explore the energy that you are designed to radiate out into the world and the energy that you think is yours but may not be so thus differentiating between the Self and Not Self

Energy Reading – £154 includes digital recording of the reading

Can be split into 2 readings @ £77 each

Personalised Energy Report – £66 (only available if purchased with an Energy Reading)

Special Offer

Combined Inner Authority and Energy Readings for £200 (full value £220)

Specific Focus Readings 

Readings can also be tailored to look at your chart in relation to a specific issue, for decision making and how you by design impact and/or are affected by the people in your life.

Reading costs vary between £77 – £132 according to the nature of the reading, the length of the reading and the extent of the chart analysis required. –

Payments can be made via Paypal using the link –

All readings can be conducted either in person, via Skype, Zoom, other methods of social media communication (i.e Facetime/ What’s App) or by telephone.

To Book a Reading – please email me at 

* UPDATE* – coming soon – Specific Focus readings for Parenting and Life Purpose

Human Design Reports

Human Design reports are personalised written reports containing the information that is covered in the Inner Authority or Energy Reading.

Please Note that all reports are created personally by me and are not computer generated.

More about Human Design

There are 9 centres in the Human Design Bodygraph

The 9 centres are responsible for processing different types of energy.

Head – Pressure centre – Inspiration

Ajna – concrete thinking and concepts’

Throat – communication and manifestation into action

G/Identity  – self identity, love and direction

Will/heart  – money, ego, willpower

Sacral – Workforce and lifeforce energy

Solar Plexus – emotional energy

Spleen – intuition, health (immune system), survival, linear/non-linear time

Root – pressure centre – adrenaline pressure and stress

Defined Centres  radiate and broadcast energy and information out, the energy is consistent and is the Truth of who you are. It is the part of who you are as you go through the deconditioning process that gives the opportunity for your ‘true’ colours to show.

Open centres are places where you take in energy and information from the environment and the people around you. Therefore we experience this energy inconsistently as it changes all the time.We experience it intensely because the energy is amplified. The open centres are where we take in energy from our parents, from our peers and other people around us and we think it is our energy, this is conditioning. We develop behavioural patterns due to our conditioning.

The aim from the Human Design perspective is to live your definition not your openness.