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Spiritual Companion Mentorship

I gained the Spiritual Companion certificate in 2009 as part of my personal and spiritual development and have since qualified as a Spiritual Companion Mentor. I hold a Certificate in Professional Practice in Spiritual Studies and Companionship

Spiritual Companion Mentoring is a service which assists and supports individuals and groups with their Spiritual journey.

I offer services in accordance with the Spiritual Companions Agreement:

With compassion, discretion and respect I will reassure and support you through careful listening, seeking fully to understand your personal story and circumstances.

Your Spiritual Journey
We may talk about your spiritual development, exploring that you are on a life-long journey developing heart and mind, compassion and consciousness.

Spiritual Connection
We may explore together the ways in which you can best develop and deepen your connection with the wonder and energy of life.

Silence and Meditation
We may take some quiet time together; meditation can be healing, reassuring and supportive.

And I May Help You Develop Your Spiritual Practice

When appropriate, I may help you explore the skills, practices and understandings that will support you in self-managing your spiritual and personal journey with mature autonomy.

Please contact me by email: tiffanystephens7@gmail.com if you require support, guidance and companionship on your spiritual journey.

Sessions can be arranged in person, via skype or telephone.

Spiritual Companion Celebrancy

I have undertaken the Spiritual Companion Celebrancy training and offer ceremonial services for life events such as:

Naming ceremonies

Blessing ceremonies

Rites of Passage

This service includes consultation, design and facilitation of the ceremony. Fees dependent on level of service required.

Spiritual Companions Open Circles
Upon request I facilitate Open Circles for those who require them. Please contact me if you would like to participate in an Open Circle.
What is an Open Circle?
An Open Circle is a safe and facilitated meeting of a small group of people who together share and explore their personal and spiritual development. We believe that there are great benefits to be found in the solidarity, support and insights that can come from a meeting of fellow travellers.
Open Circles have no religious or spiritual belief or doctrine underlying them. Our ethos is open-hearted, open-minded and inclusive. Everyone is welcome.
Each Circle is facilitated by a Spiritual Companion who is trained in the appropriate facilitation skills.
In discussing our spiritual development, we may well touch on issues relating to emotional and physical wellbeing, but an Open Circle is not a psychotherapy or healing group.
There is typically no charge to join the Circle but donations may be requested to cover the cost of holding the meeting such as venue hire and refreshments.
The scheduling and length of each meeting is organised by each individual group, but we suggest a possible rhythm of meeting at least every six weeks and with each meeting lasting a minimum of two hours.
Each meeting begins with a period of meditative silence lasting at least five minutes and also ends with a period of silence.
After the opening period of silence there is always a check-in round as each participant in the circle one-by-one shares briefly about their current mood and state of wellbeing.

About the Spiritual Companions Trust

Spiritual Companions was originally founded by spiritual educator and author William Bloom in conjunction with the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality. Since then the Spiritual Companions Trust has been granted charitable status

We develop resources and programmes at the interface of  spirituality and wellness.

We are proud to have developed the first fully accredited course on spirituality and health, the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness (Crossfields Institute Level 3)

As individuals and as a community we believe in the profound benefits of spirituality for personal and social wellbeing. We therefore support people informally and formally on their spiritual journeys in one-to-one and group situations as well as offering training.

What is Spirituality?

Our definition of Spirituality:

Spirituality is everyone’s natural connection with the wonder and energy of life;  and the instinct to explore that experience and its meaning.

We then go on to suggest that:

Spirituality affirms that personal development is about the growth of compassion and consciousness — not material success and status, but love in action.

This definition sits comfortably within the global trend away from adherence to a single faith tradition towards a more generalised, diverse and inclusive approach. In other words: spiritual but not religious.

The Heart of Spirituality

We suggest that at the heart of spirituality is every individual’s own authentic experience of the wonder and energy of life. It is this natural connection with the wonder and energy of life that supports and fuels people in their personal development and wellbeing. This then scales up from the individual into the community.

For further information about Spiritual Companions please visit www.spiritualcompanions.org