Pilgrimage to Palenque

I never tire of this magical soul home. I took a personal pilgrimage to the site and received powerful downloads and teachings. This was the final realignment and reconnection that I needed and brought me back to the activation work I was doing here in February 2022.

On arrival at Palenque my attention was drawn to a group of peregrinos/ pilgrims all wearing white with white head scarves. They looked and felt like nuns although the group comprised of men and women.

As I sat tuning into the Temple of Inscriptions, I was aware of the group sitting under a tree near to the Temple. As I made my way to the Temple to make an offering the group got up and lined up facing the temple next to the Temple of Inscriptions which is dedicated to and housing the tomb of the Red Queen.

The group started chanting with their hands facing the temple. I moved closer to try and hear the words and language but couldn’t make it out. It sounded and felt prayerful and sacred. When the chanting stopped the group knelt on the ground with their heads bowed to the Earth.

While this was happening I had removed my rain poncho to reveal that I was wearing white also. The group noticed and waved at me with smiles of mutual recognition. This felt to me like a special connection.

I do not know who the group were or the specific nature of their prayer and devotion. I can only surmise based in the significance of the Red Queen and the lineage of Palenque.

The royal feminine lineage of Palenque, the same one which gave the right to rule to King Pakal, has a significance related to “white pureness”..

Yohl Ik Naal, the first Queen of Palenque; Heart of the Wind Place ( the Mayan glyph Ik for Wind is associated with the colour white), grandmother of Pakal

Sak K’uk, White Quetzal, the mother of Pakal; and

Tz’akbu Ajaw, White Guacamaya Bird, Pakal’s wife

In Mexico there is a tradition to wear white when in ceremony and when visiting sacred sites in honour of the ancestors.In the West the myth of the Goddess, Mother, Daughter, Bride and Wife has also been associated with colour white which symbolises purity.

Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw represents a transmission of Feminine Ancient Wisdom which is universal by nature and there exists an abundance of inscriptions and tablets about this remarkable woman in Palenque. Her tomb is painted red, she was buried wearing an ornate jade mask, embalmed in cinnabar hence the name the Red Queen.

Although this was a special personal encounter I feel it is part of a bigger picture and significance:This feminine transmission represents an ancient theme highlighting the importance of masculine/feminine balance ( in terms of energy and essence regardless of gender) as the co-creative forces of the New Earth

An era where humankind leaves behind the old paradigms (including patriarchy) and paves the way through qualities attributed to the feminine such as compassion, intuition, receptivity, emotion, and unconditional love.

My pilgrimage was on 19th March 2023 which also happened to be Mother’s Day in the UK and the eve of the Equinox and is 13 Ahaw in the Mayan calendar

It is recorded in the Temple of Inscriptions that Pakal married Ix Tzak (her maiden name) on the Equinox date (20th of March, 626 D.C.) the day of balance and equilibrium. They ruled Palenque together as equals

The change of Baktun or the new Mayan Era/Cycle, began in December 2012 (which is when I first went to Palenque in response to a soul calling).We are now halfway through the first Katun (20 years) of this new era. Today 20th March 2023 is the astrological Equinox this year. It is 1 Imix in the Mayan calendar, a day representing unity and opening to new beginnings

Blessed Be and Spring Equinox blessings to you all