Michaelmas Symbolism today

Today is Michaelmas, the celebration of Archangel Michael. He is known as the Captain of the Heavenly Hosts. Even if Archangels do not resonate with you please read on.
The name Michael means ‘He who is like God’ . Archangel Michael is known for defeating/ casting out Lucifer (also known as the Devil or tyrant). He is also known as the Protector/Guardian with his sword of transformation against the dark forces.
The festival of Archangel Michael celebrates the end of the harvest and the beginning of the new cycle.

There is so much symbolism here if we apply it to our present times. Is it a coincidence that the Coronavirus Act will be debated and potentially extended tomorrow? Or that we have been subjected to the tyranny of the government and other ‘dark forces’ however you may wish to interpret that or who falls into that category.

When we look upon the essence of what Michael in name and his role of Protector means can we not apply that to ourselves? Are we not ‘like God’? In this respect I mean God in terms of the Creator or Universal Source. We are Creators, we are in that respect like God, we have the power to create our own reality. In a world where we have been conditioned to give over our power to others, is it not time to call upon the Protector within ourselves, to stand up and protect our Sovereignty both personal and in terms of Humanity? There is no Saviour coming to save us, we must do this ourselves, both on the 3D material plane and through higher levels of consciousness.

In Munay Ki the Earthkeeper Rite connects you to the Archangels who assist us in bringing Peace on Earth and living in beauty. The Creator Rite anchors in the inner knowing that we are and can live as conscious co-creators of our reality.

On a personal note, Michaelmas is special to me as 7 years ago I was swept out on a rip tide and nearly drowned. I could have surrendered to the forces of the waves however in that moment I was given the choice to live or die. To die, to give up the fight, that was the easy option in that moment or to choose life. In that moment I did not fear death however, I decided there was more for me to do on the Earthly plane and I chose Life. In the next moment I was rescued by a young man called Michael.

We have been living in fear, in fear of death for too long. Let us Choose Life. 💗🙏✨