Lion’s Gate and the Canicula

One of my Mexican teachers teaches about the power and importance of the canicula or what we may know more familiarly as the ‘dog days’ of summer. What he teaches has been handed down to him through his grandmother, elders and teachers.

Although the teachings come through a Mexican teacher there are links and origins in other cultures all of which appear to come from a common earthly root and/or from the star beings and teachers. In the case of the latter I am not talking new age, but ancient civilisations who came before us on this planet.

The ”dog days of summer” refer to the time when constellation Canis Major is visible in the sky in the northern hemisphere. The great star of Sirius is located in the upper region of this constellation. Hence the term ‘canicula’

The canicula or dogs days run from 23rd July until 24th August. The Lion’s Gate portal opens on July 26, peaks on August 8, and then closes on August 12.

The ancient Egyptians celebrated their New Year on the 26th of July as do the Maya of Mexico even to this day

This celebration is marked in the skies by Canis Major, more specifically Sirius, rising in conjunction with the early morning sun. It is visible as a bright star as the sun rises. This alignment of the sun and Sirius was understood to be representative of new life and abundance in Egypt as the Nile River would begin to rise. It symbolised a return to fertility, creation, abundance and new life, marking a new beginning and rebirth to the ancient Egyptians

Although the Lions Gate Portal to Sirius is more widely recognised within ancient Egyptian culture, Sirius received its name from the Greeks. The Greeks and Egyptians shared much astrological wisdom, astronomical translations were synonymous between these two ancient cultures.

“Seirios” is the Greek root of Sirius, meaning “scorching” or “glowing”. Sirius is twice the size of our Sun, and about 25 times brighter.

The Lion’s Gate is a stargate that activates Earth’s energy field. The spiritual connection to the “dog star” activates a powerful galactic portal of light and transmits incredible energy onto the Earth

So why Lion’s Gate if this is a dog star?

This event is concurrent with the movement of the Sun into the Fifth House of the Zodiac, Leo, the Solar sign of Creativity and Passion.

Leo, or the constellation of the Lion, guarded the entrance to the Sirius Stargate. The zodiac sign of Leo represented by the lion is ruled by the Sun, personifying luxury, creative expression, generosity, abundance, pride, power, and strength. This is why it is called the Lion’s Gate.

Felines have always been worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, as they hold incredible power and influence. For example, the Great Sphinx and feline deities, such as Bastet and Sekhmet. The Pharaohs had lions as guardians and to pull their chariots

Based on scientific calculations, it is now believed that the Great Sphinx was constructed in the age of Leo, determined by the timeframe of construction and the direction of the sky that it faces – the constellation of Leo

The Egyptians were master mathematicians whose calculations with astronomical alignments were extremely precise and lined up with constellations on particular days, including Sirius and Orion’s belt.

This is also true of other cultures as the pyramids in Mexico are also mathematical masterpieces. The pyramids at Teotihuacan are also aligned to Orion and the pyramids at Giza.

Understanding the ancient roots of the Lion’s Gate encourages an even stronger alignment to its power.

Alignment doesn’t necessarily mean opening ourselves energetically in terms of our personal energy field to the influx of light. Alignment can be attuning to the essence of abundance, creativity, fertility and new life and what that means to each of us in our individual lives and for the greater good of humanity. ✨

With gratitude to my teachers✨🙏✨

Artwork: Rosa-Maria Marquez