Jupiter Neptune Conjunction 2022 and beyond

Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunct in Pisces on 12th April 2022. Whilst they meet in other signs every 13 years, they have not met in Pisces since 1856 and will not met there again until 2188. This is therefore a once in a life time encounter for us. Both planets are rulers of Pisces Jupiter is the traditional ruler and Neptune is the modern ruler. Both coming together in Pisces only happens approximately every 166 years

Pisces is psychic, mutable, flexible and changeable. Pisces rules the 12th House in Astrology which represents among other things transition and our quest for spirituality. It is the sign of intuition, dreams, and the imagination. It is the sign that encourages us to go with the flow rather than controlling our lives at every turn.

“Pisces is the sign of transcendence, enabling us to rise above the dramas of physical life through calming the mind and accessing other planes of reality. It is the sign of oneness, selflessness, and unconditional love, helping us feel a deep compassion for all life.” – Pam Younghans -Astrologer

Neptune is associated with spirituality and illusion. Neptune encourages us to think beyond the physical constraints, inviting us to let down our guard and become one with the universe through spirituality, creativity, and magic.

Jupiter has a big influence, it is all about growth and expansion. It expands everything it touches Jupiter offers abundance. Jupiter is the vehicle or path of blessings and rewards. It’s the expanding, enriching possibility of luck and opportunity, which adds to life and widens it.

Neptune themes may feel like they are veiled or elusive. There is a veil in front of the energy that needs to be pierced, so you can see the energy behind the veil.

Generally, the only way to pierce the veil is to do your inner work in order to be spiritually awake and aware. Neptune energies will help to bring us to that level of awareness.

Once we can cut through the illusion, and see behind the veil, Neptune can reveal deep mystical truth. It is the planet of deep mutation and provides ‘in-formation’ that is not to be understood mentally, but to be lived and experienced.

Human Design

Prior to the conjunction both planets have been in the Gate 22 but not at the same time. They have now joined each other in the Gate 36. As we explore the themes of the gates that Jupiter and Neptune are passing through, we get an understanding of what we are and will be living through and experiencing over the next year or so. While, Jupiter moves much more quickly, Neptune will be in the Gate 36 until 2024.

Gate 22 Gate of Openness – I Ching – Grace and Beauty

Neptune (13.8.21 – 6.3.22) Jupiter (14.3.22 – 6.4.22)

Grace is acknowledging our Inner Beauty and only sharing our inner world with those who see and cherish us.

Grace is a quality of behaviour best suited in handling mundane and trivial situations. It is the quality of the emotional spirit which determines how receptive the collective will be to what we have to share individually. There is the possibility for each individual to empower others. However, with this energy we learn to share when the timing is right and to sit silently if it is not. With right timing we will have what we need to make a contribution to the world. Grace brings success in all matters.

In human affairs Grace is aligned with mastery. This energy is about mastering inner beauty and grace. It is the energy of being gracious or dis-graceful. We must take care to lend grace and dignity to small matters while giving the weight of deep and careful consideration to matters of great consequence. On a spiritual level Grace is the blessing that comes through clear emotional alignment with consciousness.

Jupiter and Neptune come together in the the Gate 36 from 7th April in readiness for the conjunction when they both move into Pisces on 12th April.

Gate 36 – Gate of Crisis – I Ching Darkening of the Light

Neptune (7/3/22 – 9/4/24) Jupiter (7/4/22 – 1/5/22)

Both the Gate 22 and the Gate 36 are emotional energies coming off the Emotional Solar plexus centre. This energy is driven to express a change and feels under pressure to do so. Emotional energy flows in waves which can drive us to act but we must wait for right timing.

Th gate 36 is the Gate of Crisis, the cycle works in a continuous pattern:crisis, reflection, change followed by relief and then repeats. Life is cyclical, we enter a crisis, we want to cope with it, we want changes, then comes the period of liberation and after a while a new crisis, all over again

Neptune is in the Gate 36 for the next 2 years. With Jupiter activating this gate with Neptune until May, we’re going to have this energy expanded on. Therefore, any illusions and crises may seem like they’re getting worse or it feels harder to see the other side through the clouded veils in life.

In the I Ching this Hexagram is known as the Darkening of the Light. The change wanting to be expressed here is to take a next step on the journey to bring light to a darkened scene.

We can consider a particular kind of darkness in our human experience, that in which those who believe they have power have been using the darkness as a veil, to become invisible and to manipulate humanity. This darkness on an individual level is our unresolved emotional wounds whoch often lead to lack of self esteem. Collectively we have been maniulated by the emotion of fear. However, we are moving beyond this into a new collective space of collective transmutation of shadows through crisis. The crisis we are seeing is being presented to us as something that looks like survival crisis (war) and health crisis (Covid).

Crisis feels dark, but it never lasts. While the darkness of stupidity reigns in human affairs, it is vital not to be swept along on the current of the conventional narrative where too many uncertainites exist. Whilst we may have to endure it for now, we can inwardly reserve our self-confidence while outwardly remaining co-operative and flexible with others.

As a suggestion, during unsettled periods it is best to step gingerly around sleeping dogs, to not needlessly stimulate forces of opposition towards oneself, if we try to assert ourselves we may be opposed. We have seen so much of this over the last 2 years, quite possibily due to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, being in the gate 17 – Opinions from February 2020 – April 2021 and October 2021 – February 2022. We’re done with ‘processing’ through our experience in this way. If you have not already learnt this, then avoid putting yourself in the way of those who trigger your old wounds. Instead, stay in the company of those who make you feel good, notice who brings you good feelings. Spend your time doing things that make you happy. Know when to shine out, when to be alone, when to stay hidden, when to be visible and when to retreat. This is a way to achieve self mastery and self – preservation.

Gate 36 is the place where we create and meet the challenges of change and growth through emotional crises and experiences. As we gain emotional clarity over time whch is necessary for the correct operation of the solar plxus centre, we learn how to handle emotional crises created by others, and we create less of them ourselves. It drives us to make change and inner transformations . When we transform our feelings through the experiences that are happening, we understand that feelings bring us out of the state of darkness and through this we awaken. It pushes us to change in order to bring light into darkness, internally and externally.

There are two themes to Neptune’s time in Gate 36, one is for us to create a new level of emotional clarity (and maturity) and the other is to hold the light during difficult times, for ourselves and others. We can’t do one without the other. We cannot move to the next stage of human evolution until we address and harness our emotional energy. We can’t do this work in our minds and we can’t do it by being more ‘spiritual’ which can be a form of bypassing. We can’t fool ourselves that we are holding the light if we are numbing ourselves to our own dark places. Neptune in Gate 36 is bringing those repressed emotional streams back into our consciousness.It is coming up to be seen and attended to. We can only move through this stage by feeling what wants to be felt.

We can gain emotional clarity and maturity if we can hold the balance of our own light and dark regardless of external circumstances. When we can bring light into our own dark places.

Do not let the darkness on the outside extinguish the light on the inside, for then there will be nothing left of you when times improve.

Jack Balkin, The Laws of Change: I Ching and the Philosophy of Life

As more people are able to connect with emotional clarity, maturity and personal wisdom, the ability for humanity to be manipulated is going to decline. There will be a clearer view of the systemic insanity we have been contributing to and more and more people will be able to see this when Neptune’s veil is lifted

Take heart and remember that the gifts Neptune brings are also being expanded by Jupiter. We can embrace art, creativity and spirituality with more fulfillment and emotional clarity and maturity. This not the spiritual bypassing that I referrred to above but the true spirituality as we get to know ourselves as spirit, to honour our internal spirit and live our truth. Jupiter’s expansion and opportunity will bring the energy we need to carry ourselves forward to new things. For there to be a shift in values and a new perspective in how we tell the story of our own lives and of our community.

Emotional energy is the most potent force of human creation. It is activated by relationship, by family and community, by caring and wanting the best for each other. It is finding greater compassion and maturity through experiencing crisis and being able to better relate to each other, to the whole of humanity.

We can utilise the Gate 36 energy for being compassionate with ourselves and others. Compassion is the key to overcoming suffering, there is a willingness to see the humanity in yourself and others. From this empowered place you can find empathy during emotional crises. You are able to hold space for the emotional storm that feeling all your feelings can be, but you also have the wisdom to waitfor that storm to pass to gain the emotional clarity before taking action. If we act (or react) too quickly, out of boredom, inertia or frustration, we can leap into chaos.

In Quantum Human design, Gate 36 is also the energy of the explorer, we want to see what is over the next mountain, We want to expand what we know and explore possiblities. So many of us are ready to create a new world, one which pushes the boundaries of human existence and expands the story of the human experience. We know what we want but we must wait for the storm to pass.

“This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction encourages us to experience new levels of spiritual awakening and heart opening. Pisces calls us to find a balance between practical and the ideal, between the earthly and the divine.” Pam Youngans Astrologer

While Neptune will stay in Gate 36 until 2024, Jupiter moves much faster and will move on into the Gate 25 on 2nd May where it will be for most 2022 and into 2023

Gate 25 – Spirit of the Self – I Ching – Innocence

(Jupiter – 2.5.22 – 1.6.22) ( 25.09.22 – 19.01.23)

This is pure love. The Gate 25 tells us the world needs love, for everyone. This is the Love of Spirit within ourselves and every living being. To love everything equally. Twith Jupiter expanding this theme, there is triumph and survival which enriches the spirit and results in us embracing the wonder of being. This is Universal love which emanates from a having free spontaneous nature.

The love of Gate 25 flows out of fully accepting and living surrendered to our physical form. It is the gate of the higher self. We reconnect with our divinity by loving ourselves, we do it by offering ourselves Grace (gate 22) and Compassion (gate 36). We surrender our human understanding and judgements in order to embrace the concept of a love that is bigger than all of us. This quality of love is transcendent and universal and through it we return to Innocence. Our innocence is not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination. The result is that we are alive with the wonder, the love, of being. In biblical terms, the Innocent can enter the kingdom of heaven, however what we are here to do is create Heaven on Earth .

“Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces has the power to make our dreams come true and to awaken us to the simplest truth of life: that there is magic everywhere” AstroButterfly

Jupiter in Pisces – Drop into your inner knowing and alignment so you go where you need to go.

Neptune in Pisces – dream and visualise what is is that you want to create. Surrender so it can show you the way on your spiritual journey.

With so much love as we traverse these times together