In the Footsteps of Quetzalcoatl

It is almost a month since we concluded our Sacred Journey here in Mexico themed ‘In the Footsteps of Quetzalcoatl ‘ and today in celebration of the Mexica New Year I took part in a ceremony at the birth place of Quetzalcoatl. For me this represented and reflected so much of what our Sacred Journey was about and truly closed the cycle as the new one begins

Here are some highlights from our Sacred Journey which started in Mexico City, the ancient Tenochtitlan with an opening ceremony at a sacred Ahuehuete tree said to be the guardian spirit of Mexico City. The foundation of Tenochtitlan is represented by an eagle with a snake in it’s mouth.

On the way to San Sebastian Teotihuacan we visited a very special temple dedicated to Quetzalcoatl in his form as the god of Wind Ehecatl.

There is an alignment of the sun in relation to the temple and the surrounding mountains. Here there is a sacred relationship between Tlaloc (the rain god) and Ehecatl ( god of wind) whereby the wind would clear the land so the rains could come and new growth could sprout from the land.

There are many myths and stories about human sacrifice. This did not necessarily mean death but the giving of one’s heart in devotion to the Sun god, a devotional self sacrifice of the heart.

Tula is a very special site connected with the Toltecs

Legend says Tula was founded by Quetzalcoatl an ancient deity which the Toltecs adopted from other cultures and worshipped as the God of Venus

The human founder of Tula Ce Acatl Topztlin Quetzalcoatl was born in the year Ce Acatl (1 Reed)

Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl has 4 Atlanteans on top. The
Atlanteans are believed to come from Atlantis and are symbolic of joining the masculine and feminine. The Tonal and the Nahual. They are androgynous and/or hermaphrodites ( Hermes and Aphrodite). Aphrodite is another name of Venus. Hermes is one form of Thoth the Egyptian God who lead his people from the floods of Atlantis and is also suggested as being another name/form of Quetzalcoatl

There is a Temple of the Morning Star dedicated to Venus – Tlalhuizcalpantecutli( the one who puts order in the Earth). Venus appears in the morning as the morning star as a representation of Quetzalcoatl.

We met the lovely family of Miguel and his 3 children aged 6, 9 and 11(all significant numbers) who were fascinated by our practices with the Obsidian mirror. When we told them about our Sacred journey one of the girls called us ‘Exploradoras’ and gifted us all key rings with the Atlantean figure inside that they bought especially for us

We visited rock carvings dedicated to Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl and Chalchiuhtlicue “the one with the jade skirt”, who is the goddess of water, lakes, rivers, seas and springs and wife of Tlaloc (god of rains). She rules over the trecena of 1 Reed (Ce Acatl)

Teotihuacan is known as the City of Gods. The place where humans become divine

A possible origin of Teotihuacan is that it was established by a Lost Civilisation or Annunaki Alien Gods of Mesopotamia (and/or by Thoth)

It is said that the Teotihuacanos took Quetzalcoatl to the Maya where he is known as Kukulkan.

The three main temples at Teotihuacan are aligned to Orion’s belt : Moon Temple, Sun Temple and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the temple of the Plumed Serpent

Through a spontaneously manifested invitation we had a healing ceremony at a sacred and secret portal.

Chalcatzingo – The most precious place of the Chalcas
Revered place of sacred water or of precious jades

Here we had the profound and spontaneous experience of meeting a maestro/teacher who led us through the real meanings of the carvings on the stones. He shared sacred knowledge very much in alignment with the information I have come to understand in relation to ‘real’ history/timelines, origin and spiritual awakening as opposed to ‘official narratives’. This encounter felt like an affirmation.

Xochicalco – House of Flowers
This ancient city was also ruled in the name of Quetzalcoatl

Here we did our concluding practices at the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent. This is said to be
the meeting place of the Toltec and the Mayan priests who were closely associated through their calendar systems. The temple of the plumed serpent indicates unity of the two calendar systems as well as honouring Quetzalcoatl who is said to have been responsible for the creation of the calendar.

Quetzalcoatl ruled over the days that bore the name Ehecatl and also ruled over the 18th 13 day series in the ritual calendar. Which consists of 13 day cycles known as trecenas.

Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl

Birthplace of Ce Acatl Topztlin Quetzalcoatl founder of Tula. He is said to be the son of Mixcoatl and Chimalma ( also known as Xochiquetzal).
Here we did our formal closing of the Sacred Journey.y
I feel it is poignant that, having been through a thematic journey of death and rebirth throughout our Sacred Journey, we ended the Journey at the birthplace……

Quetzalcoatl is man, myth and the process of spiritual awakening or alignment. Our dual nature – rational side /waking state is the Tonal. Our mysterious side/dreaming/silent knowledge is the Nagual /Nahual
The real story of what we are is our energetic body not the lies or fictional memory of our ego. The integration of the two sides is the goal of human existence. This integration is represented by the flight of Quetzalcoatl. The eagle doesn’t kill the snake, the two become one in the rebirth of a new being. This is the evolution into the level of consciousness that is Quetzalcoatl (the winged, feathered, serpent)

Coming back to today, the ceremony honouring the Mexica New Year was held at the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl. Today is the day sign Ce Ehecatl on the first day of the trecena Ce Acatl ruled by Quetzalcoatl in the new year Matlactli ihuan Ce Acatl Xihuitl (11 Reed).

Just like our Sacred Journey, the final Ceremony today was with the sacred medicine of the cacao. As one cycle ends another begins. Another rotation on the spiral of life 💖

All is divinely aligned and I am grateful to walk this path of divine alignment with all the powers of the Universe. 🙏✨🙏