Human Design & Coronavirus

Human Design and Coronavirus

In astrology every event has a planetary alignment and chart for the date on which it occurred for example the creation of a country will have a birth date and therefore a birth chart. It is the same in Human Design, each event has a design. Ra Uru Hu who brought us Human design taught that epidemics always start with the Sun in Gate 44.4. If we take this concept and apply it to the Coronavirus we get the date of 3-4th November 2019.

The design for an event is a synthesis of the planetary themes that are transiting at the time of the inception of an event. These themes show us what we can learn for the event.

When we look at the Human design chart for the virus we see that the Moon Nodes are in Gates 38 (North) and 39 (South). The themes here of the Visionary being able to hold onto a vision that has shown us what is truly valuable ( gate 38) and the opportunity for Recalibration, to get deliberate about how we want to be within the circumstances (Gate 39)

Therefore this is time to re-evaluate what is truly important to us. How do we want life/the world to look/be?

We are being called to hold the vision of a better world that incorporates all that we hold truly valuable ( individually and collectively).

The Sun in Gate 44 shows us the fear of the past and the themes of Truth and Integrity. Here we must explore the patterns that we have individually, collectively, societally and within our systems of business and education.

Are these patterns bringing us in or out of alignment?

Are we living in alignment with all aspects of integrity?

The Earth is in Gate 24 this is where we need to be grounded. It is the gate of Rationalisation but also about finding the bigger meaning. What needs to be in place for us to be in the Truth and Integrity of gate 44?

We are not going back to how it was before so we need to look at what is working and what is not. This is the energy for moving forward while letting go of what no longer works. It s the grounding of expansion to create something new

The Moon moves in the chart between Gate 41 and Gate 60. It asks us much the same thing as what needs grounding

This is the energy for change ( gate 60). What do I/we want to keep? What is working?

The 41 brings visualising new ideas and bringing them into form with right timing.

How can I/we grow what is working?

How do I/we expand?

Mercury is in the gate 14 the energy for working to make money. The transformative energy of Mercury brings us a disruption to money and work. It brings the opportunity to re-evaluate money and work. It asks us to look at the creation of resources and how we create resources. This theme is all about us working in alignment with our integrity.

Venus has us look at our values. It is in the gate 34. The Gate of Power. Here we are exploring a new relationship with power ( internal and external).

How has external power got us to where we are now?

How is external power being used in these current circumstances?

How do we use our power? (especially if we feel disempowered)

How can we use our power to be of assistance to others?

Mars in the gate 57 showing us the fear of the future. Shwing us that we must not indce fear. We need to master being conscious creators and not fearful creators.

Jupiter and Saturn dance together. Saturn is in the Gate 54 here we have the drive, the ambition to fulfill dreams, enlightenment and unlimited possibilities. Jupiter is in gate 11 the Gate of Ideas. It is time for us o get out of our heads, to stop tryig to figure things out and to let divine inspiration drop in. That can oly happen whn we drop into connection with source. When an idea comes from divine inspiration we can then build a foundation for it to become manifest.

When we follow our heart, with preparation and when the timing is right we can break free from the patterns of the past.

Uranus is in the Gate 27 – Accountability. Humanity is not going to wake up until we are all accountable.

We are all responsible for creating the vibration of this.

We need to look individually and collectively at where we are out of alignment and out of integrity.

This is a time of reckoning, we cannot act with ruthlessness. We must act for the benefit of the whole, for the greater good.

Neptune is in the gate 63 the Gate of Doubt. The energy of this gate is about the healthy questioning of everything without falling into doubt and distrust. It is about using this curiousity to explore wht else is possible. It is also about us staying in or moving into a place of self-trust

Pluto in the Gate 61 is all about Wonder and Why. Rather than getting lost in the Why we need to use the power of the imagination with faith in the possibilities. To stay in the wonder and powerful creative energy to imagine what is possible.

Chiron/Kiron, the wounded healer, always brings the potential for healing. In the gate 36, chaos and crisis we are being shown that

When I/we are emotionally aligned with what I/we want to create in the world then I/we can have an experience that defies the odds and breaks the patterns. It enables us to manifest that which we have faith in. To create sometging completely new.

So what do we need to do?

Heal, Clear, Deconditon, Align

We need to finish this now and become conscious co-creators

Use our abundance to increase the abundance of others

Share, be compassionate, use goodness to give goodness to others

Co-create, Collaborate, Restructure, Unite

Even if others have a different set of values, we need to learn to harness energy and co-create with others who have different values