Global Cycles, The Bigger Picture and Our part within it (Where we have been, where we are heading, what we can do)

Join me in an exploration of what we are experiencing in the world right now and how this interconnects with planetary cycles, the Mayan Calendar, the 2027 shift and more

Global Cycles and The Precession of the Equinoxes.

This is a 26000 years (25920 years) cycle of change which occurs due to the Earth’s slow wobble on it’s axis in the direction opposite to the normal rotation. Within this cycle a major transformation occurs every 13000 years (12,960) bringing new qualities and a new form of human civilisation and consciousness. This transformation occurs when the axis of the Earth points towards the galactic centre, a toroidal shaped black hole which we might liken to the centre of the universe. During the 13000 year sun-cycle the Earth is either in an Age of Darkness and humanity are falling asleep and fall into depths of spirtual ignorance or in an Age of Light when humanity is awakening and there is a high level of spiritual knowledge. Also within this period is the Great cycle of the Mayan Calendar 5126/5125 years – also known as the Long Count. Consider the Great Cycle as a part of a cosmic time plan for the enlightenment of humanity.

At the same time, like a huge cosmic clock, the Earth revolves through different zodiac signs approximately every 2160 years. Each sign signifies the crossing of a celestial equator and heralds a new era, new frequency of consciousness for humanity . We have been in the Age of Pisces for over 2000 years and are now transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces was all about the expansion of religious and spiritual matters, mysticism, gurus, leaders and followers. It is an era in which individually and collectively humanity gave up their power and self-responsibility.

The Age of Aquarius marks the time for the human race to fully awaken. The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer. Water represents the emotions. It is an era of unified consciousness, that has been prophesied by many ancient and indigenous cultures called the Fifth Sun to the Maya and the Sixth Sun to the Inka. The Q’ero prophesied a time of great change, a Pachacuti when chaos and disorder would end and the world would be turned the right side up this restoring natural order and harmony. The Mayan calendar prophesied the end of a cycle which many interpreted as occurring in 21 December 2012. Rather than being the end of the world it signified a turning or tipping point towards the end of the world ‘as we know it’. Each epoch and new world must be constructed upon new principles and new knowledge. That is part of the Divine plan.

We are now living in these end times and the period of awakening. As more light comes, the more people will wake up. It is very clear to see that in the current global arena, life is not going to return to how it was. It is a time of the breakdown of the old ways that no longer serve us. We as humanity are at a juncture in history where a higher frequency of consciousness is available to us. There is a part for each of us to play in the evolution of humanity and how life on Earth will play out. Let’s take a look at where we are headed and the choices available to us.

In 2027 we are entering a new cycle for humanity, a new way of being. We shall move from a fear based way of operating to doing things because they feel right. In Human Design this is known as the Great Mutation or Solar Plexus mutation. In Human Design the Solar Plexus is the centre of emotions, we shall be operating from the place of doing things because they ‘feel’ right. This ties in with the Age of Aquarius and water being the element connected to the emotions. We shall learn more about the 2027 mutation below but to set the scene, in 1615 we entered the era of the Cross of Planning and in 2027 we are moving into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix . Within this 400 year period there have been shifts in the background frequency. Since the early 1960’s we have been living with the background frequency of the 1st Line ( Information) and thus we are currently in what is known as the Age of Information. In 2027 the background frequency changes to the 6th Line ( Role Model) thereby we are moving into the Age of Inspiration.

Weaving together the concepts of Human Design, the Mayan Calendar, Global Cycles and the Divine Plan, let’s look at where we have been, where we are going when the new cycle begins in 2027, the era that we are currently in that is ending and the part we play in it.

Where we have been

The Cross of Planning spans the period 1615 -2027, this has been a tribal energy in terms of the expansion of a global family. During this era, which has been the most religious phase of history, we have been searching for God or the Divine outside of ourselves. It has been an era of logic, science, quantum physics and the placing value on resources which are not sustainable.

Since 1781 we evolved in Human design from 7 centred beings to 9 centred beings, this heralded a new type of Human and way of being. It was also the era of the industrial revolution. This saw the development of a global community and the birth of state institutions and factories. We lost touch with nature. As humanity we have been deteriorating since this time. As our physical bodies and health deteriorated, modern medicine and hospitals were created to deal with the deterioration. We have been hidden from the sun for 400 years, packed into buildings, where we breathe in stale dead air under artificial lighting. We are experiencing reduced immunity, we created more additives and pollution in the Environment, physically as a race we are becoming more sterile and seeing an increase in infertility.

We live in a deeply controlled institutionalised world, institutialised education and institutionalised science.

The ethic for working changed. Humanity has had to work harder and harder to maintain the structure they were programmed to build, in other words, Enslavement ( you work for us and we will give you what you need). We have sought security within community, tribe, government and religion. This is the globalised fomula.

This has been the most material period of human history and we have all been trapped in the cycle/wheel of materialism. There is also a deep malaise in the soul of humanity because we are part of this programme. At the closing of this cycle we need to be aware that we have been living this programme, the programme is not just out there it is changing within each one of us. The solution is for us to get conscious

According to the Mayan Calendar, between 1617 – 2011 the Ruling Deity was Ometeotl the Dual Creator God. Also called 2 gods/energies because when he ruled the world it was divided into 2 halves yang ( light) and yin (dark) – forces of darkness and light – awake/asleep. At the end of his reign humanity was starting to wake up , we are still working towards a greater awareness, consciousness and enlightenment, I believe.

The historic events during this period are noteably: 1615 – First trading post in India ( British Empire); 1617 – Western world dominance; 1620 Arrivals of Pilgrims in Massachusetts (USA); 1661 – first paper money in the world (Sweden) which also marked the beginning of capitalism

The periods in the Mayan Calendar are divided into Underworlds. There are 9 however we will look here at the 3 at the top of the cosmic pyramid that leads us towards enlightement and unified consciousness. The dates and timelines given here are given by Carl Calleman in his book Mayan Calendar & Transformation of Consciousness ( 2004)

Calleman calculated the end of the Mayan Calendar cycle to be 28th October 2011 and the dates he gives have been based on that calculation. As we know many other sources calculated this to be 21st December 2012. Calleman’s calculations are also based on the Planetary, Galactic and Universal Underworld running concurrently and thus all ending in October 2011. If that is the case then humanity did not reach the intended goals of the Galactic and Universal Underworlds by that time. Alternatively, if the Underworlds do not run concurrently then the dates would take us to around 2025/2026 whch would fit in with the Great Mutation and shift that I referred to above.

Planetary Underworld 1755 – 2011 ( 256 years) The themes for this underworld were: Global consciousness – materialism, industrialism, democracy, republics, electrotechnology. From 1755/1769 we saw the start of industrial revolution. 1992 -2011 – Internet, Global TV, Mobile phones. 1992 – European Currency plan – implemented Jan 4 1999 Galactic Underworld (12.8 years) said to start Jan 1999 – Oct 2011 ( Alternatively 2011 – 2024 or 2012-2025) Galactic consciousnes. Where we transcend the material framework of life, genetic technology, telepathy, living on light Universal Underworld (260 days) – said to start Feb 2011 – Oct 2011 (Alternatively 2024-2025 or 2025-2026) Evolution of cosmic consciousness – no limiting thoughts – timelessness – no organising boundaries

It is said that the frequency shifts on the planet increase twentyfold with every higher underworld and that there is a basic frequency in each underworld for the evolution of consciousness. The Mayan Calendar is a means of building a bridge of understanding between spirituality and science, unifying different perspectives and enables us to see from a higher perspective where differences can be transcended. We have available to us the increased frequency for shifting our levels of cosnciousness and in each era there is a time acceleration.

Where we are headed

It is possible that we are and shall be in the Galactce and Universal Underworlds if the alternative timelines are correct. Regardless of timeline I believe we are and shall be exepriencing higher states of cosnciousness in the coming years. The potential is certainly available to us.

In 2027 we move into the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix. Everything is changing, our relationship to ourselves, to structures, to money. This is an era which is fundamentally individual where we must be self sufficient within and without and must be able to look after ourselves.

The shift will bring about an awareness of spirit, unique spirit, the essence of what it is to be unique. A unique force of Spirit Awareness. In addition our awareness in relation to the creation of abundance is shifting and will be connected with our awareness of source and spirit or spirit as source. Abundance and our understanding of that will be reframed in terms of sustainability. How we support each other and provide resources changes, it will no longer be rooted in our work but instead in our awareness of spirit as source. Provision will come through our awareness of abundance in spirit and our alignment with that. An awareness that we are unlimited in our ability to experience abundance which will bring about the death of lack consciousness.To trust in sufficiency so deeply that we are able to create without limitation. With this awareness and faith, nothing will seem impossible.

In this era we are changing the way in which we create. We create with our faith, emotional energy and our ability to work with the frequency of energy. We operate from a place of inner power and by doing what feels right. Business ethics will change to ‘does it feel right’ and will no longer be based upon lack & profit. We will no longer be reliant on each other for ‘value’, instead we will be relying on our connection with source. We need to learn to trust Source / our Spiritual creative self. We need to trust in sufficiency, that we will have everything we need, trust that we have enough and make abundant choices that sustain us and others. The economy will be based on love not lack energetically speaking.

There will be new beings born after 2027 ( Homo Novus), those born after 2027 will be wired differently from humanity as we know it. They will have a completely different awareness to us., they are going to have a higher cognitive awareness. As the mutation of the new human takes place in the emotional solar plexus centre, they will not experience emotional waves or carry emotional stories like we do. They will be highly sensitive. They will interpret the environment and take in information in a different way through emotional awareness. They will operate from a place of ‘rightness’ , doing what feels right and they will have the ability to recognise correct principles through this awareness. In Human Design anyone now with the channel 3-60 ( or either gate) in their bodygraph are carrying the mutation and their children are part of the mutation.

There will be a change in the relationship with animals for control and slaughter. This relationship will no longer work. Homo Novus do not need meat and may not eat meat. We will have much more reverance for the ntaural world and for growing our own food. Hunger will become unacceptable on the planet.

There will be a radical change in the world once the last of those of us born under the Cross of Planning are gone ( approximately 100 years)

According to Calleman and the Mayan Calendar –

“An irreversible evolution towards wholeness will take place as the Galactic Underworld progresses and in the process all hierarchies based on dominance – political, religious or otherwise – will in one way or another breakdown. The current materialist cvilisation will crumble, so clinging to the old ways will not give security. Control of the world by hierarchies will come to an end in a short period. The Galactic Underworld is about healing the world, a new way of perceiving reality. It is about putting an end to dominance and imbalance. No global leader. Brotherhood/sisterhood and equality in all respects including economic. Goals typical to the Planetary Underworld, such as pursuing a career, may no longer be valid because of the high frequency of change. Spirituality will emerge that will be about a change in our perception that will allow us to see the spiritual as well as material dimension of reality. Much of traditional materialist science and organsed religion will come to an end. If we try to hold onto the world order established by the Planetary Underworld there is certain to be a backlash.

If there are catastrophes and wars ask – What are we doing to make the cosmic plan lash back at us?

In one way or another the cosmic plan paves the way for the direction creation is meant to take and it is outside of human power to change this. The more we align ourselves with the ultimate purpose of the cosmos the fewer conflicts there will be. If there is not peace on earth, every individual has something to do with it. Each one of us may contribute to peace through commitment to attain the enlightened state.

The large scale evolution of human consciousness is entirely determined by the Cosmic plan, the Beast cannot win, so the Book of Revelation ends with a world free of pain and suffering and the end of the world ‘as we know it’.The only realistic goal is to seek for ourselves and all others the cosmic consciousness of the universal underworld.”

We are truly entering a time of personal empowerment when self consciousness and respect for the unique contribution of every individual, symbolising the forthcoming Age of Aquarius, is superceding the old Piscean model in which individuals existence was dictated by the beliefs and dogmas of the few.

From a Human design perspective, if we follow our Strategy and Inner Authority which is a unique individual process then we become non-dependent and thus self-sufficient. We need to live from our authority, there is no real authority outside of ourselves. If we can do this we can embrace the arrival of what is coming. Those of us here on the planet have an opportunity to change our ways of being so we are more in alignment with the new cycle.

Where are we now and what can we do?

“According to the Maya the 1980’s saw the beginning of an extraordinary 36 year journey for the Earth and its inhabitants which reaches its conclusion just before 2020” John Major Jenkins – Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

We are in a powerful time of transformation when the old is giving way to the new. It is a time of dissolution. This is not a time to be limited by fear of change or the unknown, when fear is the primary emotion the world becomes a place of anxiety exacerbated by our survival responses. We have been living a theme of fear and when we are in fear we are reactionary.

We are taught by institutions who hide the truth from us. We cannot trust the authorities around us any more. Look at the world we have created – poverty, starvation, control, repression. We need to reject the propoganda (everyone claiming to be an authority for us, governments etc) as well as the programme. There is also a deep malaise in the soul of humanity because we are part of this programme.

This is a time of deterioration or dissolution, the world ending as we know it is ending. This age rooted in materialism and globalism is coming to an end. We cannot save the world, it is not intended to be saved, everything is designed to change that is the nature of life and the nature of the global cycles, think of the past civilisations that have disappeared. Start watching/observing the ‘movie’ rather than playing in it, then you will have witness consciousness. We are to watch the movie without fear or concern. There isn’t anything for us to do but surrender to what is possible. We are here to witness the deterioration

Disease was predicted, a retro virus which was due to be devastating because of weakened immune systems. Look at what is happening in the world due to this so called global pandemic. Whatever you believe about it, natural, man made, planned, whatever. Look at it with new eyes. We are here to witness the deterioration of the world as we know it at this most amazing time in history. Look at the people and their various reactions and responses to what is happening. It is a choice to seek to maintain the dominance of the world or seek unity, unity consciousness. The choice between duality and unity is being presented to us and we are seeing it many times in many forms.

It was also predicted that the people’s response would be:

40% won’t want change and will want to recreate the old

40% will fall asleep and will remain unconscious until awoken by an external source

15% will be confused, irritated and disorientated

5% will understand the opportunity to be the vanguards and light bearers of the new creative cycle both for themselves and the world in general

“ As the poles of existence start to fuse and the veils between the dimensions dissolve, we find ourselves becoming increasingly senstitive to the effect of our actions on others” – Carlos Barrios

This means that instinctively we will select the actions that bring the greatest degree of harmony and joy to ourselves and others. There are of course some who would prefer that the veil that exists between the poles of reality would not dissolve. They would prefer to continue the illusion of power, in order to feed their own selfish needs. They use fear, distrust and shame to keep people separate knowing that co-operation, compassion and trust would lead to the disintegration of their authority. Such individuals will exploit the chaos and uncertainty that is common and naturally present at a time like this.

Yet despite the propoganda, we can see that large numbers of people are awakening to the fact that many of the dogmas that have been taught for centuries and those which are being presented to us now in 2020, are based on flawed reasoning. Millions of people are beginning to question outer authority and to listen to their own inherent guidance, which tells a very different story from the authoritarian narrative. Through inner knowing or intuition we can reconnect and remember that our destiny in this life is to seed the consciousness of the new world, new era.

The Divine plan of creation is for a world of unity, peace and enlightenment. However, the kind of choices humanity makes individually, which also affect the collective will determine the outcome of creation on this planet. The outcome is not a given. Even if the divine plan is completely predetermined at the level of consciousness, it is not predetermined to what extent human beings will choose to align their lives with the intended result. In this we have free will. We have free will to align, to evolve, to climb the so called cosmic pyramid.

Understanding the cosmic plan is part of our own evolution into co-creators with the Divine and the potential that we can tap into and attune to. The solution is to expand our consciousness . Since 1961 (when we entered the 1st line) we have had the ability to get to the truth, this provided an opportunity to discover our Inner Truth.

We are transitioning into an new era of Individual survival, this means Be your own authority. No one will be the authority for you, humans have never been taught to be their own authority, we all give up our authority at birth. From now on we are going to be our own authorities. We need to speak our own words and truths. We are each here to be the expression of our uniqueness and to live out our uniqueness. If we want to survive in this new era than we need to have this as there will be no support, there will be no outer authorities doing things for us. We need to stand on our own two feet, we cannot expect the outer world to deliver for us.

Consciousness and truth need to flower. Most humans are depressed, frustrated, disappointed, they do not see the beauty and magic and therefore do not get to live out the potential that is available to each one of us. It is important to see the beauty of this moment in history and not get caught in the universal depression. We need to expand our consciousness, recognise our uniqueness and love ourselves as deities/god/goddess/creator. In other words we need to align with and live as the co-creators that we are.

As we move out of the Age of Information, it is time to get rid of being intellectual and operating from the mind. In this new era we are returning to the age of oral traditions where we store the knowledge and we are the resource. We need to go back to nature both externally as well as in alignment with our true internal nature.

NOW is the time and there is pressure for humanity to bloom, we must get it right NOW

We are being presented with the possibility of a peace upon this planet that truly surpasses our present-day understanding. Now at the dawn of a new age of compassion and harmony it is important for us to become aware of a grid that has been waiting on us remembering, the Unity Consciousness grid . We can create deliberate unification by doing what feels right and by honouring and giving voice to individuality and authenticity

The way we contribute to the evolution of humanity is by being the fullest expression of ourselves and to move into recognition and fulfillment of our individual purpose.. We are the programme therefore we are in the process of the shift and may already embody this evolution. We can consciously evolve and it is possible to realign the trajectory. We all have the opportunity to change our frequencies and learn brand new way of being.

We can play our part in this transition into the next phase in humanity and we can align with the Divine/Cosmic plan

If we change our focus of attention from the finite material world back to the universal ocean of possibilities, a new wave of possibility is converted into manifested reality or form ( As above so below, as within so without)

Keep high baseline frequency and hold the frequency for abundance, faith, peace and unity

Any individual and ancestral healing you do also helps free humanity as a whole

Anything that consciously aligns you with source will be contributing to this shift of consciousness

Be the Change you wish to see in the world – We are the ones we have been waiting for – The time is NOW

Tiffany Stephens – October 2020