Towards 2027 the Evolution of Consciousness, creating a New World

This follows on from my previous piece ‘Global Cycles, The Bigger Picture and Our Part in it’. What we are experiencing now in the world is what many have prophesised as the ‘Shift of the Ages’ this a powerful time of transformation intended to bring us back into alignment with ourselves. We are each designed to change, grow and evolve. The world as a collective is also intended to change, grow and evolve. For this to happen the old has to be left behind in order for something new to come in or be created. What we are seeing play out is the breakdown of the old, that which no longer works so that we can create something better. That doesn’t mean starting from scratch necessarilly, rather building on the foundations of what is working and leaving behind what is not.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, it is time for us to get back in touch with our spirit, the aspect within in us that connects us to the divine, to source, to the Creator. When we align with this aspect of self we recognise and understand that we are powerful creator beings. We are not helpless or powerless. ‘They’ cannot do ‘that’ to us unless we believe it, fear it and give our power over to it. This demands a shift of focus away from the fear based propoganda and potentially onerous intentions of the proposed New World Order. No this is not a piece based on so callled conspiracy theories, nor is it a discussion of them. To understand the New World Order do your own research on the Agenda 2030 which is being implemented little by little. It reads like a beautiful dream yet it is potentially a nightmare based on the centralised control of humanity and all aspects of life. So this is where we need to step up. We need to create the beautiful dream for ourselves.

Each and everyone of us needs to create change within ourselves, to free ourelves from what is no longer working within our inner worlds and outer worlds. To free ourselve from the pains and traumas of the past, to live a full and joyful life, Our shifts in consciousness create change not the other way around. We need to be living out our highest expression of ourselves individually and collectively. When we live out the higher expression then we are more connected to our life and soul purpose, yes we are all here on Earth for a reason. We are all here to play our unique role in assisting the shift of humanity and creating the new dream. To live from the heart and not from fear. To live from adundance consciousness and not lack consciousness. We are being asked to redefine the old paradigm. To create differently.

From a Human Design perspective there are great cycles of change that I wrote about before. In 2027 there will be what is called the Solar Plexus mutation, where we move from operating out of the fear of the spleen centre and into operating according to what feels right through the solar plexus centre. Without getting too technical about the Human Design machinatons of this transition, that is another piece waiting to be written, the circuitry is going to change, what drives us is going to change, what supports us is going to change. Change is going to happen, the wheels are already in motion. We can let the change happen around us or we can consciously engage in the evolution. Of course change happens over time and what we are seeing happen now is all part of the transition as the old paradigm falls away. We are in the midst of a chaos cycle.

We shall see a breakdown in all of the institutions and structures, Education, Health, Religion and Government

Education – look at what happened last year. Everyone got the chance to step out of the programme, out of the system. Some parents and children may have hated home schooling. Others may have found this a much more nourishing experience. Now most of the children are back in the system, back into the old but with weird requirements that are neither nurturing nor health promoting. Not all children fit into the system. They are unique, creative beings who might be being stifled by rules, regulations and in the ingesting of useless curriculum driven information that does not inspire them. Not to mention the potential of being subjected to the global drug trial without full informed consent.

To create something new you don’t have to have the answers but you do need to ask questions

Does the education system work for your child?

Would another form of education or learning experientially suit them better?

What inspires them? Are they being given the opportunity to explore this?

Are you open to another ways of education? Do you want to be a pioneer in helping to create this?

Health – We have been working indoors under artificial light hidden from the sun, the true source of health, for 400 years, this has depleted our immune systems. Medicine was created to deal with the deterioration. We have become governed by Big Pharma. For years in the UK there has been a drive to destroy the NHS. It has already been changing from a public service to a business oriented model based on targets and money that limit the provision of services. For all too long people have relied on the service and by relying on it hav potentially, unknowingly, abused it. We have been blessed to have a public service yet many complain about its limitations. Many have no idea that the alternative model, based on paying directly for the services or through insurance like in the USA, would financially cripple them. We need to change our perspective in terms of health and we need to take responsibility for our health so that we are not reliant on a service being provided as potentially it will no be around much longer.

What is health?

What do you do to keep yourself healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you know what truly constitutes a healthy diet?

Do you ‘manage’ your health through medication?

What if you could not afford the medication?

What if medication was keeping you stuck in the cycle of illness rather than you taking responsibilty for your health?

Do you take responsibility for your health and wellbeing?

Is it reasonable to expect others to give up their lives to carer roles if you are not being responsible for your health?

Whose responsibilty is it?

Religion – there will be a breakdown in the power of religion and the need for ‘God’will be a different experience. We will move away from the fear based ‘ god -fearing dogma and fear, shame, sin etc. We do not need priests and preachers to connect us to God, to be the intermediary. We are God….we are, by virtue of our spirit, all a part of God, source, creator, whatever name you want to give this divine force. We need to reconnect with that aspect of self, to align with our divinity. Anythng that consciously aligns us with source will be contributing to this shift in consciousness.

Are you aware of being a spirit in human form, a spiritual being having a human experience?

What is your relationship/connection with your spirit and/or spirituality. Do you look for it inwards or outwards?

Do you understand that your spirit is your essence that makes you unique? Your unique form of spirit awareness.

Do you live correctly / authentically as yourself or out of conditioning?

Do you follow your own authority? Do you trust your own inner guidance above all others?

Are your actions and choices driven by fear? Are your choices driven by what feels right?

Work – since the industrial revolution we have been conditioned to work hard for the money. We have been deeply enslaved in a tribal and material system. This too will change. We have already got a glimpse at how differently we can work. Many have been working from home, many continue to work from home. As with education, did this change serve you? Maybe you love working from home, maybe you preefer working out in the world with people. This last year and a half has given us the opportunity to look at different ways of working. We have been given the opportunity to be innovative. Many people found innovative ways to keep their business running and/or to offer different services. We got a glimpse at what is deemed to be essential services, that helps us to see what we really need and what is superfluous. We got to see that we really do not need most material possessions. Perhaps we discovered a better work: rest ratio and the need to get out in the fresh air more. As we move towards 2027, business is going to become rooted in doing what feels right and not driven by profit. We will enter into partnerships and agreements that are based on sustainabliity for all involved. We will think in terms of suffiency and not overabundance. Sustainabliity and suffiency will be key themes individually and collectively.

What do you do to create sustainably?

Do you take responsibility for sustaining yourself?

Do you create from love or lack?

Are you aware that if you are aligned with source and live correctly as yourself that life is not a struggle and all that you need to fulfill your purpose will come to you?

Are you willing to be free from the pressure of fear and survival?

Are you willing to co-create with source? Do you trust in the abundance of spirit?

Ultimately, we are here to contribute to the evolution of consciousness and humanity, the way we contribute in these times is by being the fullest expressions of ourselves and by shifting our consciousness. We need to hold a high baseline emotional frequency grounded in abundance and faith that enables us to create the world that we want to live in. To create the New World not the New World Order.

What do you need to release in order facilitate this higher emotional frequency?

What do you need to do to free yourself from external control mechanisms.?

What conditioning, traumas or ancestral imprints do you need to clear?

What do you want to create?

What is your vision of the New World?

Do not get caught in the universals depression. Do not fall into the trap or dogma of No Choice. We always have choice individually and collectively. We are not here to be afraid or to struggle.

It is part of our potential to live our fullest expression, to live and follow our Strategy and Authority. We must take responsibility, stand on our own two feet, not depend on outer authority. We have a real opportunity for Truth when we follow our own inner guidance and authority. Coming to our unique differentiated Truth. Truth that cannot be found on the internet. We are here to express our unique nature and live out our uniqueness.

Learn how to make correct decisions for yourself

Love yourself so you can trust in your authenticity and truth.

Love yourself as a Deity.

Live your Design. Live correct as yourself.

Recognise and fulfill your individual purpose.

Your individuality contributes to the whole. The collective ocean of consciousness is affected by a mass of individuality. Consciousness and Truth need to flourish.

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